Enhance your facial experience!

Lash Tinting                                          $10

Brow Tinting                                          $10 

High Frequency                                     $15

LED Light Therapy                                $30

Ultrasonic                                              $20

One Layer Of Acid                                $80

add ons



The Cherri Bomb                         $75

A facial customized just for you. Perfect

for any skin type or condition. (60 minutes)


Glitz and Glamour                        $75

A stimulating facial perfect for reducing 

pigmentation, brightening skin tone, and

oxygenating the skin. (60 minutes)


The Starlet                                     $75

A soothing facial that reduces inflammation

provides antibacterial support, and strengthens

capillaries. Perfect for sensitive or Rosacea

skin types. (60 minutes)


The Trophy Wife                           $75

An anti-aging facial that offers a unique blend of

ingredients which boost collagen support and

encourage skin elasticity. (60 minutes)


Razzle Dazzle                                 $75

A facial utilizing enzymes and fruit acids to support

break out prone skin. This deep cleansing facial

results in a clearer complexion that lasts. (60 minutes)


The Soccer Mom                            $75

A relaxing facial full of potent antioxidants and  collagen boosting peptides that leaves skin with a youthful healthy glow. (60 minutes)


The Big Daddy                               $75

A facial just for men that uses raw organic materials

to rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling fresh for 

weeks. (60 minutes)


The Bombshell                               $50

Refresh dull tired skin with exfoliating enzymes

and a blend of hydrating ingredients in this 

express facial. (30 minutes)



advanced treatments

Chemical Peels                       Starting at $150

*Price dependent on strength of peel and acids used*

Series of 3 Available


Microdermabrasion            $65 each

A treatment utilizing diamond tips to gently exfoliate the skin minimizing pigmentation and fine lines.

$350 for a series of 5

body services


Back Treatment                 $65

A treatment to clear breakouts, nourish the skin, and relax tense or tired muscles. A facial for the back! 

(60 minutes)

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow                                                     $10 and up

Lip                                                                $10

Nose                                                             $10


Eye Brow                     $15

Above Lip                     $10

Nose                             $10

Under Arm                    $30              

All Facial Services Performed using Rhonda Allison Skin Care